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Monthly Meeting RRD - Janaki Sabesh

We had the incredible honor of hosting Janaki Sabesh, the renowned actor, dubbing artist, storyteller, and author, for our filmmaking courses participants last Sunday!

Janaki Sabesh showcased her exceptional storytelling skills, captivating us with her voice modulation while narrating the timeless story of the lion and the mouse. Her engaging style and voice exercises provided invaluable insights to enhance our storytelling techniques.

She also shared her fascinating journey in the film industry, highlighting her accidental entry into cinema and the importance of being a director's actor. Her advice resonated deeply: "Everyone has a story within them that can keep them awake at night. Start writing it."

We are immensely grateful to Janaki for sparing her precious time with us. A special thank you to team RRD GO Creative  for providing the venue and volunteering support.

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