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Our Vision & Mission


We are a not-for-profit organization that works for the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) with an emphasis on sports. Our long-term goal is to be able to support PwDs in every aspect possible - in their physical and mental well-being through a range of support initiatives like peer mentorship, self-advocacy skills, career guidance, in creating a livelihood/skill development, in promoting access and awareness of various assistive technologies and opportunities, in recreation, in arts etc. We strongly believe that sport is a powerful tool for the overall development at an individual level and that it also creates a more inclusive environment at a community level.

We use sport as a medium for bringing positive changes in the lives of PwDs like getting opportunities for education, employment, health care, recreational activities etc. We are currently conducting events to encourage PwDs in exploring various sports and support them to pursue the sports path of their choice and later hope to further support in other aspects as and when the need arises. 

YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST was founded by Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu. She is a former National Paralympic Swimming Champion, founder of the “YES, WE TOO CAN!!!” movement, founder General Secretary of Paralympic Swimming Association of Tamil Nadu (PSATN), founder president of Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India (WBFI), Associate Vice President in an MNC Bank group, a motivational speaker, and an author



Ms.Madhavi Latha Prathiudupu

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An Associate Vice President, in an MNC Bank, former national paralympic swimming champion, a sports administrator, a socially conscious person, a speaker and an

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Mrs P.Varalakshmi Devi

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An ideal housewife and mother who brought up her children as responsible citizens. She takes
keen interest in the welfare of children with disabilities with her experience in bringing up her daughter Madhavi Latha with unflinching determination and affection.


Mr P. Pardhasaradhi Raju

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A retired Gazetted Head Master who served the student and teacher communities for over 37 years with dedication. Besides, he was a social worker throughout his career.

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