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Basic Course in Screen Acting (Exclusively for Persons with Disabilities - Locomotor)

Our YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India, arranged the captioned course. It was conducted during 5 weekends starting from 5 th Mar. till 3 rd Apr., 2022. Mr Rabeehashmi, Registrar, FTII and Mr Milind Damle, Executive Head, CFOL, FTII extended wonderful support in arranging this course. Our course Director Prof Jijoy and his team worked on making the required changes to the course material suitable for people with locomotor disabilities. And he also took sessions and introduced us to fundamentals to acting. It was an honour for the participants to attend his sessions. He invited highly qualified and experienced faculties to take sessions to us. Total 23 candidates were selected for this course from around 90 registrations based on certain essential factors like passion for acting, commitment to attend all the sessions, availability of mandatory technical facilities as advised by FTII and future plans in this field.

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The final participants of this course:

Details of the Sessions

Final session was graced by Mr Rabeehashmi and Dr Milind Damle.

Almost all the participants expressed their happiness for being part of this course and described the experience as life changing and mentioned that they never even dreamt of becoming a student for acting course :). We all wholeheartedly thanked Mr Sayyid Rabeehashmi , Mr Milind Damle, Prof Jijoy and all the faculties who took sessions for us and also those who were involved in designing the course. Special thanks for the technical support from FTII by Mr Yogesh and Mr Mahesh.

Closing remarks were by Mr Rabeehasmi and Mr Milind. They congratulated the participants and wished all the very best. They advised the participants to share their feedback to help them in designing the future programs. Through out Trust, we shared feedback link to all the participants and got their responses.

Thanks a ton to the volunteers of our Trust Aakash Manokaran and Bhargav Rao (as coordinators) and volunteers Pooja Mathur and Niraj Tiwari (in calling the candidates to find out whether they meet the mandatory technical requirements of FTII or not)!

Hope this course will open a new chapter around the field of entertainment in the lives of all the participants!

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