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Grammar of film language

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

2nd Apr., 2022 – 10am to 12noon and 3pm to 5pm

Session conducted by FTII faculty Mr Ganesh Gaikwad

Brief Biography:

Mr Ganesh Gaikwad is a faculty of Film Direction & Screenplay Writing at Film & Television institute of India (FTII) since three years. He studied Film Direction from FTII and has a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies. He did Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and has worked as Civil Engineer before pursuing his interest in films. He has taught film-making at Pune University, Tilak Maharashtra University and has extensively worked in the educational media before joining FTII as faculty. 

Feedback: Mr Ganesh Gaikwad took session on grammer of film language. Topic is more technical for beginners like us ex: various types of lens, shots, angles etc. But still he made the session quite interesting.

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