As you all know, we have already arranged basic course in screen acting through our YWTC Trust in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India for persons with locomotor disabilities.

Now we are planning to arrange such course for deaf persons. As its first time for our YWTC Trust and for FTII to arrange such program, today we had a trial session with a few of our deaf friends, FTII Registrar Mr Sayyid Rabeehashmi and faculties Prof Jijoy Pulikal Rajagopalan and Mr Joy Fernandes. From the interaction we came to know the requirements. v-shesh helped us in arranging sign language interpretation for this session. Thank you very much Raja Rajasekharan P !

I sincerely hope this interaction will definitely help FTII Officials to design the course as per the needs of the participants.

Eagerly waiting for the final confirmation from FTII to announce about this course !

Thanks a ton Rabee Sir for considering our request positively and for taking Swift action. I am confident Prof Jijoy, Mr Joy Fernandes and other faculties will make the learning exceeding the expectations of the participants.

Thank you so much Dr Saundarya Rajesh for promising to support our project 🙏😍





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Highlight of today's session is - our member Jeet Shah interviewed Santosh Kodimyala a very passionate Assistive Technologist and our dear friend. To know more about Santosh, pl visit his website:

It's always a great learning to hear Santosh's experiences and ideas to promote inclusive technologies. Glad to have such a passionate and committed person as our dear friend. We feel inclusion is in his DNA

First speaker of our club's initiative "expert talks" J Sam Daniel Stalin has come forward to guide our members who are interested in journalism particularly in interviewing persons from different fields. With the tips learnt from Sam, Jeet did an awesome job today ! Well done Jeet

! Keep it up !

Thanks a ton Sam for your passionate support !

Happy to see Sathish Kumar , our member supporting Jeet in his preparation. Our another member, Mitesh, evaluated the performance of Jeet and gave him very useful suggestions. As mentioned by Mitesh, together we can achieve many more things in the coming days.

#ywtc #assistivetechnology #DigitalJournalism

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It's our pleasure to inform you all that we started our "YWTC Virtual Club 360 Degrees" with the participants of

the "Basic Course in Screen Acting" which we arranged in partnership with

Film and Television Institute of India

Objective of this club is overall development of the members

In our first session, we discussed about the future course of action.

Please stay tuned for more updates on our club activities

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