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This Sunday was well-spent. As part of our YWTC Trust's series of monthly get-togethers with participants from our film-making courses, supported by RRD GO Creative, we had the privilege of inviting a well-known film director and visiting faculty member from various universities in India and abroad, Mr Hariharan. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Phonsok for introducing us to him. Additionally, Nithya took care of the sign language interpretation for some of our participants, for which we are grateful. 

With the support of Fiserv (CSR Partner), United Way Mumbai (CSR NGO Partner) , we arranged various courses around film making to persons with disabilities in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India Pune , and currently, we are working on making a short film and documentary using the talents of our own participants. These get-togethers are part of our efforts to support our participants in honing their skills and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Hariharan for generously sparing his precious time for us and for sharing invaluable insights into filmmaking. He strongly recommended that all participants begin their journey into visual storytelling by creating one-minute films. According to him, anyone aspiring to enter the film industry through any department must first understand the art of visual storytelling by making short films to better comprehend their role.

Among his teachings, Mr. Hariharan emphasized that creativity blossoms through association, and repetition with variation is a fundamental principle of design. He encouraged us all to collaborate closely to achieve outstanding results.

During his session, Mr. Hariharan also covered various topics including lighting, point of view, and shot angles. His imparted knowledge has left a lasting impact on our participants, inspiring them to delve deeper into the art and craft of filmmaking.

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We at the YWTC Charitable Trust are proud to have launched ‘Lights Camera Inclusion’ in association with Film and Television Institute of India Pune   (FTII), a program to train persons with disabilities in different fields of film making. A Special thanks to our #CSR partner Fiserv    for their continued support through their #FiservGivesBack program. Our CSR NGO Partner is United Way Mumbai 

Our Dubbing Course Program, a part of this incredible project, concluded yesterday.

What a journey it's been! "What will be the best way to close the year other than this?"

A huge shoutout to Mr. Uday Sabnis for working his magic and unleashing the talent within our participants. He reminded us of the incredible asset we possess - our voices! His teaching style and patience are truly remarkable.

A big thanks to our distinguished guests at the closing ceremony - Mr. Milind Damle  (FTII), Mr. Balaji (Fiserv), Mr. Bala Siva  (Able Aura), Mr. Bhargava Rao (our short film Director), and Ms. Sushma Ranganathan (Surang Studio). The participants' performances touched hearts, and participants honored our Course Director with traditional attire.

We seized the moment to recognize Lokesh and M S Umapathy , presenting them with cheques for their contributions to our documentary film (video shooting) and story screenplay development for the short film respectively.

Special thanks to Mr. Sandeep Sahare, Mr. Rabeehashmi Sayyid , Mr. Milind Damle, and Mr. Milind Joshi (FTII), Mr. Srini, Mr. Gopa, and the ERG team of Fiserv, along with Team United Way Mumbai, for their fantastic support.

A heartfelt thanks to our Project Manager Aakash Manokaran  for his passionate technical support amidst limited resources.

Thanks to Roja, our sign language interpreter, for making the entire session inclusive.

A warm thank you to Fiserv volunteers, Niraj Tiwari  and our friend Sarfaraz for their volunteering support. Hotel Chennai Deluxe staff provided very good service. Together, we're creating a more inclusive world!

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During my screenplay writing class this weekend, our course director Mr Niyaz emphasized the distinctiveness of characters. It hit me – everyone is unique for a reason.

He also compared us to gods of our own stories, creating conflict, drama, and solutions. Now I get why blaming God for our problems won't help. It's like God, the ultimate screenplay writer, shaping us into better people through life's challenges.

In this big story of life, we all have a role. If there was nothing for us to do, God wouldn't have created us.

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