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3rd Session | YWTC Virtual Club 360° | Deepika R

Updated: May 4, 2022

We had our 3rd YWTC Virtual Club 360° meeting.

A new member Pawan Dadhich who acted in a Tamil film earlier joined us. It was nice to know his experiences.

Our member Mitesh Shah shared a few very useful health tips with us.

Later our guest speaker Deepika R addressed us on the topic adapting clothing. Our members felt very happy to know about her projects. Almost everyone has some difficulty in wearing the dresses they want comfortably. Adaptive clothing will definitely help persons with disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant women etc a lot.

Adaptive clothing:

These are the clothing that is specially designed for people who can't find proper outfits and require customization according to their different needs.

About Deepika:

Deepika is an adaptive fashion designer who developed and identified silhouettes in this category that makes the adaptive world comfortable and some of her designs have been placed in the museum of possibilities and NGO's website for awareness.

Contact info Deepika : Adaptive Fashion Designer E mail : Website :

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