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2nd Session | YWTC Virtual Club 360° | Sam Daniel Stalin

Updated: May 4, 2022

Today we had our YWTC Virtual Club 360° 's first talk in the Expert Talk series. Our guest speaker was Mr J Sam Daniel Stalin, Bureau Chief, NDTV Chennai. He encouraged all the participants to introduce themselves and share about their dream roles in media industry. Our club members Mitesh, Priya Surapureddy and Koppula Vasundhara Chowdary played a skit on the apprehensions Media industry is having to offer roles to PwDs.

Later Sam explained in detail the different roles available in the field of media, how to equip ourselves to meet the requirements of those roles and how to hone our skills using by starting our own blogs/youtube channels etc.

He responded to all the queries of the participants patiently. He gave an offer to guide the interested members to try it out practically.

We thank Sam wholeheartedly for sparing his precious time for us, for his valuable guidance and for offering his support to get trained.

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