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Basic Course in Screen acting for Deaf and Hard of hearing people - Day 8 (20/11/2022)

Morning Class - 10am to 12pm

Faculty : Shymon P M (Theatre light designer). He has Specialization in Lighting Design, Direction, Acting and Sceneography. He is from Kerala, his major work experience includes Contemporary Dance Lighting Attakkalari Centre for Movenet Arts (Bangaluru) 2006 ownwards. Kojatay Kathakali (Technical Director) Spain, Ekantham (Solitude) Kalakendam Kollam Bhinna Vinyasa in Italy, Spain, Canada (Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts) Misty Mountains of Mahabharatha (School of Drama, Thrissur) Ishk (Nicole, Switzerland) Quick Death-Theatre Roots and Wings (Delhi, Bangalore, Neenasam) Sahyantay magan-at Gaya Cultural Festival South Korea, Purushartha - Monaco Dance Forum -Monaco, Frankfurt Book Fair - Frankfurt Germany. He also has experience as director, as teacher & conducting workshops. He has visited various countries.

Learnings from 15th session :

Topic Covered -

About Light(what is light?), Sources of light : Sun Light, Moon Light, Fire, Oil Lamp, Candle light, Kerosine Oil Lamps, Gas Light.

About Power, Sources of Power : Solar Power, Wind Power, Genset, electricity

About Functions of Light : 1) Visibility, 2) Atmosphere, 3) Dimensional Quality, 4) Mood, 5) Rhythm

About Qualities of Lighting : 1) Intensity

2) Color

3) pattern

4) Focus Position and Hanging

About Lighting Equipment :

1) Lighting Instruments

2) Lighting Controls

3) Dimming (Oil lamp dimming, Salt water dimmer, Rheostat dimmer, Liver dimmer, Coil - Rotation Transformer, Autotransformer Dimmer, DMX( Digital Multiplex)

About Stage Lighting Instruments

About Components of Lighting Instruments :

1) Box/Housing/Can/Case

2) Lens or Opening

3) Reflector

4) Yoke

5) C- Clamp or Hook Clamp

6) Lamp or Arc source

7) Accessories

Types of instruments

1) Floodlights

2) Spotlights

3) Intelligent lights



1) Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lights, or PAR lights, or PAR cans.

2) Strip lights or cyclorama or (Cyc) lights

3) Ellipsoidal Reflector Floodlights or Scoop lights or scoops

4) House lights and work lights

5) LED stage lights

About Intelligent Lights : Moving Lights(Scanners, Moving heads, pal co)

Understanding Some Lights :

1) LED Moon

2) General Light

3) PAR 64

4) Par can

5) Spot Lights

6) Cyclorama

7) LED par

8) Scoop

9) Strip

10) Profile

11) Smoke Machine

About Types of Control Consoles :

1) Preset Boards

2) Memory Consoles

3) Moving Light Controllers

4) Personal Computer-Based Controller

5) Remote Focus Unit

About Angles of Lights

About Qualities of Lights :

1) Intensity

2) Color

3) Distribution

4) Movement

Methods of Using Lighting

About Stage Lighting Area

About Standard Three Point Lighting

About the Rule

About some console

Usefulness : A Thorough Lighting Knowledge from actor prospective gives students knowledge base which is useful for basic acting students in Understanding about lighting and their acting accordingly.

By Nitin Taneja

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