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Basic Course in Screen acting for Deaf and Hard of hearing people - Day 7 (19/11/2022)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Morning Class - 10am to 12noon

Faculty : Nitin Mane, has following experiences :

1)Asst Professor Screen Acting in Film & Television institute of India from May 2022 Onwards

2) Assistant professor Acting in Amity School of Film and Drama

from Dec 2020 – April 2022

3) Faculty of Screen Acting in Annapurna College of Film and Media from 2017-2020

4) Other Experiences - Louisiana State University

Introduction to Acting (Spring, 2017) Introduction to Theatre (TA) (Fall, 2016)

Oklahoma State University

Stage Combat-(TA) (Spring, 2015)

Learnings from 13th session :

Topic Covered - About Acting, what is acting.

About Solo Improvisation.

About Performing Arts.

About Movements.

Types of Improvisation

Excercise Given in class : Students needs to act as if they come from office, they are tired, they first takes relaxation & suddenly recalls about urgent meeting & they rush for that meeting.

The Faculty Nitin Sir took feedback from all participants for solo improvisation and also he himself clarifies everyone about Acting, correction needed in their performances.

Usefulness : Solo improvisation made students confident because it gave an idea about acting & feedback by everyone including faculty on their solo performance is necessary for doing performance correctly.

Afternoon Class - 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Learnings from 14th session :

Topics Covered - About Acting again.

About Action & Reaction.

Activity given during class by faculty : Two people Improvisation - Excercise given on action & reaction or chain of actions & reactions. Under this students told to perform a drama where one friend talks with other old friend for patching up differences came out of misunderstanding for any future purpose (like any future event or workshop which they would be doing together). Here in this, one friend tells how misunderstanding happened and he convinced his upset friend by saying sorry & by getting rid of misunderstanding

Feedback on two people Improvisation is taken by participants also faculty himself gave his thorough feedback on performance where he make students understand what should be done & what should not be done.

Usefulness : Since two people Improvisation making students aware about conditions where acting needs on the spot creativities & ideas to make a drama, it was really helpful in developing or sensitizing students for real life acting or performing arts knowledge. Also everyone's feedback including faculty's too was useful for understanding what should be keep in mind for two people Improvisation.

By Nitin

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