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Basic Course in Screen acting for Deaf and Hard of hearing people - Day 6 (13/11/2022)

Morning Class - 10am to 12pm

Learnings from 11th session

Topics Covered - 1) Revision of Mime.

2) Feedback to students on 1 minute video which is given as homework to prepare.

3) Activities Given - Two minutes mime on real life.

4) About Pointing Excercise.

5) About Opportunities available like Scholarship for pursuing career in Mime by central government which is and other options....

6) About his academy website:

Faculty Took Questions on mime & Answered those Questions.

Afternoon Class - 03pm to 05pm

Learnings from 12th Session :

Topics Covered - 1) Teaches About different activities for writing using body like in different positions and in different ways....

2) Different activities in mime using rope.

3) Different activities in mime for performing illusion.

Activity by Faculty : 1) Mime on visiting restaurant and having different dishes then when one has no money to pay.

2) Mime on attempting examination and react when results comes using different emotions like fear, happiness, anger, jealousy, sadness, brave....

Faculty Took Questions on mime & Answered those Questions.

Usefulness : The entire day which has information and different activities made students understand about mime, also questions and answers cleared doubts pertaining to mime.

By Nitin

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