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Basic Course in Screen acting for Deaf and Hard of hearing people Day 1 (29/10/2022)

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Faculty : Mr Joy Fernandes, well known theatre and film artist, director and author

Day 1 (29/10/2022)

Morning Class-10am to 12 noon

Learnings from 1st session:

Topic Covered - Introduction to Navarasa(9 Emotions)

1) Shringara(love❤ or beauty😍)

2) karuna(sorrow/sadness😞)

3) Veera ( courage💪 or heroism😎)

4) Raudra (anger😡)

5) Bhayanaka (fear/terror/horror👻)

6) adbhutha(wonder or surprise😳)

7) shantha (Peace ☮)

8) bhibhathsa (disgust😏)

9) hasya (laughter😂)

Excercise given by the faculty : acting with each rasa (emotion)

Usefulness : since it explores students understand about emotions Rasas well ( it is useful to start with )

Afternoon Class-3pm to 5pm

Learnings from 2nd session :

Topic covered : Nursery rhymes were used for performing navrasas...

Excercise given by the faculty: 1) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star rhyme's first four lines or any nursery rhyme with 9 Rasas.

2) scene work with two people at a time.

Usefulness: since students were to use different Rasas for same rhyme & the first scene work played by two people at a time both the activities during the session was useful to get into basic Screen Acting.

Day 2 (30/10/2022)

Morning Session-10am to 12 noon

Learnings from 3rd session :

Topic Covered: Stand-up comedy solo performance.

Excercise by faculty: stand up comedy solo performance.

Usefulness: we got to understand different forms of rasas. Even different forms of comedy or humour were the learnings.

Afternoon session -3pm to 5pm

Learnings from 4th session :

Topic Covered - Concepts and Ideas on how to find comedy/humour from all the nav rasas. as many concepts as we can, were welcome. Also we were told to try to see how many different forms we can use like situational, observational, confusion, mistaken identity etc...

Also we were to do scene work with two people at a time

Excercise given by faculty:

Explore Comic ideas with all the Rasas, plus scene work with two people at a time.

Usefulness: since students were to come up with stories/concept/ ideas and scene work with people...

Session were further useful in identifying different Rasas in one story/idea/concept and also understanding the possibilities in one concept/ idea which can be used in different Rasas. Again the scene work gave students opportunity to perform for screen acting.

Prepared by Nitin Taneja

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