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Regd. No.1880/2011

YWTC Charitable Trust is established to Conduct activities for the benefit of people who have been physically challenged with the support of like minded people in the Society, NGOs and Government in the form of:

1. Educational Benefit.
2. Placement Services.
3. Training for Vocational Services.
4. Conducting Seminars for them to lead a normal life.
5. To represent to the Government to get Assistance and Employment.
6. To give Medical Assistance and help to Procure Equipment for physically challenged people.
7. To train the persons in various sports activities in order to help in their rehabilitation.
8. Providing training for the challenged persons to learn cultural activities such as dance, music, drama etc for their recreation.


Coaches and Trainers

  • jai

    Senior Manager- Indian Bank, Anna Salai branch, Chennai. Asian All Star Basketball Player & Former Indian team Captain. First Basketball Player from South Asian region to represent ‘ASIAN ALL STAR’ Basketball team. Represented Asian All star Basketball team (comprising of top 16 Basketball players of Asia) at the Basketball extravaganza held at Seoul in 1997. [...]

  • voreman

    Sport has always been a large part of Aram Voerman’s life. He was blessed with the chance of participating in sport as part of a rehabilitation programme after contracting Polio during his early years which prompted a move from Calcutta, India to the Netherlands, where the programme was practised. His early rehabilitation involved a mix [...]

  • mark

    Mark Walker has competed at Paralympic level with the Australian Wheelchair Basketball team and at the Atlanta games in the US he was part of a team to win the first ever gold medal for Australia. He has also represented Australia as coach, competing at national level in 1993, 1995, and 1996, and won the [...]

  • mich

    Partnership Builder (Corporate Social Responsibility/Media) Mr. Rosenkrantz’s body of work is the outcome of a lengthy career dating back to the 1980s. Presently, he works as a Partnership Builder for the Community Self Reliance Centre, Nepal, having held the position since mid-2012. His tasks embrace building partnerships in corporate and media sectors for CSRC and [...]

  • prathi

    Jess Markt Jess Markt is an international wheelchair basketball coach and consultant specialized in organizing leagues and training players in developing countries. In partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross, he has led the development of wheelchair basketball in Afghanistan since 2009, growing the sport from a handful of untrained players at that [...]

  • manoj

    Manoj Soma is the CEO of Choice International. Manoj is passionate about disability sports, employment and leadership development of disabled people. He was affected by Polio at the age of two. Not only does he have professional and life experience in this field, but he has also personally benefited from disability sports and innovative CSR [...]

Past workshop details

International Seminar on Disability Sports and Social Inclusion was successfully held on 25th February 2014.

International Seminar on Disability Sports and Social Inclusion was successfully held on 21st - 27th July 2014.